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Master The Art of Love

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Access to our Video library ($1000 value)

Enjoy an ever growing list of videos on how to be a successful dater and a successful couple. If you don't see the topic you want, just request it!

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Access to complimentary premium community ($1000 value)

exclusively for like-minded individuals: This community will cater to those seeking personal growth in dating, healing past traumatic breakups, instant dating tips, while also offering a platform to share inspiring dating stories.

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Monthly coaching calls with Laurie for a year (Value: $7800)

Get to the heart of your patterns and break them with Laurie's laser-sharp coaching and ask any questions about the course.

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Private coaching (Value: $650)

If you finish the course a private session with Laurie with specialized homework.

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Bonus worksheets (Value: $200)

Relationship History Exercise Worksheet: Get crystal clear on your patterns to break them

Guide: Top 10 Questions to Cover in Your First 3 Dates: Make Sure your Questions Are Ready. ( I think we should add this one from the gift basket)

The Art of A Difficult Conversation Worksheet: Keep your skills of communication sharp.

The Love-o-meter Quiz: See how well you're doing at bring a good lover!

  • Included for FREE

TOTAL VALUE (Course+ Bonuses) : $12,650

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